Tuesday, January 4, 2011


WOW NATURAL RUBBER PRICES SKYROCKET! Remembering once there is an assumption, if the price of 1 kg of rubber equivalent to 2 kg - 2.5kg price of rice, the life expectancy rate would be a good rubber farmers. It turns out that assumption right now is really happening, not just a beautiful dream and rubber farmers. Rubber prices up date 2 December 2010 for lump bowl (dry 15 days) sold tender in farmers' groups in the hamlet of Tegal Arum, Baturaja, South Sumatra, has reached Rp. 22,000, - per kilogram, it is submitted Mr Parjo who served as chairman of rubber farmers hamlet Tegal Arum. If we calculate the price of rice with a par. 7000, - per kilogram, the price of rubber has reached 3 times the price of rice. Latest news about the price of rubber is made of rubber farmers truly happy smile. But some of these rubber farmers claimed hoping against hope, will the commodity price of natural rubber will stay this high, in the long term? we pray alone, may continue to be so ............................... aminnnn
It is most important, we must maintain the quality of natural rubber production from our garden, so it can be a highly competitive commodity at the international level. Indonesia so far received the title bad about the quality of natural rubber from the rubber importer country. This needs to be repaired, with insight knowledge of how to improve our rubber farmers, in order to be better in terms of efficiency and have a good standard latex production in rubber gardening.
We all know, a lot of rubber farmers we only get an education that only mediocre. While the government is not providing counseling to them. But whatever the constraint, we still have to clean up in the direction of modern agriculture. so as to improve the welfare of farmers.
There are few things that often I watched the chain of commerce involving rubber, especially the unique relationship between farmers and middlemen It was not just the farmers who just rubber plantation that contributed to the poor quality of these people processed rubber. crop buyers or middlemen who are often called, also influences the mindset of poor farmers on the benefits of maintaining the quality of their garden.
Both parties ie farmers and middlemen, sometimes still distrust each other. The farmer always suspicious by weighing the middlemen who often cuts the rubber scales arbitrarily, so that farmers feel aggrieved. While the middlemen are always suspicious of latex crop farmers still contains many impurities and high water levels, causing the loss on the part of brokers. suspicious suspect this is what I think is very unhealthy and harmful to ourselves. Because the chain of natural rubber trade, we must compete with exporters from other rubber producing countries and also compete with manufacturers of synthetic rubber. This is where the importance of farmers' groups who have the vision and mission of good about the quality of the rubber plantation. Expected by the farmers group could be a mediator for the farmers and middlemen by buying and selling a good rule. So both sides will benefit. If it can happen, the stability of people's quality of processed rubber will be maintained, so that Indonesia's rubber comes from these small farmers, will have a good competitiveness at international level.
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